Check out my Art!

2011-02-21 03:02:13 by mario18010

Please Check out the art i have made a rate!


2011-01-11 18:59:25 by mario18010

im not coming along very good with BOOtoons, im using windows movie maker, but its not as it turned out to be. can anyone show me something better and thats FREE?


2010-11-21 19:10:21 by mario18010

I'm going to make a video series about boos, but I can't seem to get the hang of it, can someone help me?
P.S. Its the pictures I need help with.

What i think will happen in episode 9 is shadow will come to save mario from getting killed by basilisx, and they end up blowing up the doom ship (with their stone friends). Mario and shadow try to think of a way to revive them back, and then mario thinks they could use the miracle cure to revive them. they get the first star cure and so on. i wanna hear your reviews.

Happy 15th Anniversary Newgrounds

2010-08-12 19:58:17 by mario18010

i dont know if anyone noticed but... 2/2385/newgrounds.png

Hey, lets do some Super Mario Bros. Z Discussion. Now, i think that shadow is going to come in and beat the hell out of whats-his-name before the guy beats up Mario. I don't know what else to say, but i hope you guys have some!